The University of Maryland's School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Student Advisory Board is hosting their first Open Dialogue discussion — created by students for students. It will kick off with an opening reception at 5:30pm on Wednesday, May 12 in the Architecture Building Auditorium, and the event begins at 6:15pm. The panelists will be Crispin Sartwell and Harvey Molotch. This blog is intended to facilitate discussion among students and faculty about the Future of American Urbanism before the event. We hope you will contribute to this dialogue both on the blog, and at the event! We look forward to you joining us.

Open Dialogue Flyer

Open Dialogue Flyer
Open Dialogue Flyer

Friday, April 30, 2010

So what is this event, anyway?

The Student Advisory Board wants this event to be unique and participatory - a true dialogue.

Generally, the event is different from the usual kind of lecture. Unlike a lecture, where one person speaks and students may ask a couple of questions afterwards, we would like the event to be more interactive - dialogue between the speakers and the audience. The Student Advisory Board has authored several questions to be forwarded to the speakers. These questions, related to their fields of expertise and urban issues, will be complemented by questions from the audience throughout the Dialogue. At the actual event, the speakers would express their attitudes, opinions and recommendations concerning the various questions. Throughout the event, the audience is encouraged to participate, follow up and pose further questions. We hope this blog will facilitate participation in the event, so we will be posting the panelist's bios, examples of their work, and our official questions for the panelists. Please feel free to contribute!

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